Making sure everyone has the opportunity to succeed, no matter their zip code.

Born and raised in Kansas City, Quinton Lucas grew up in the city’s urban core. As a child, he moved often and experienced homelessness, sometimes staying with family or friends, even residing in a motel, and taking the bus with his mother to school and work.

Like his mother and sisters, he did not allow these set-backs to keep him from aspiring for more. Quinton learned as a young man the values of hard work, employment, and perseverance in building a stable and successful life. With those values, he earned academic scholarships to The Barstow School, Washington University, and Cornell Law School.

Following graduation, Quinton came home to Kansas City, first clerking for a federal judge, then representing Fortune 500 businesses as well as local start-ups.

Inspired by his own teachers, Quinton joined the University of Kansas faculty at age 28, making him one of the youngest tenure-track law professors in the country. Quinton also continues to work as an attorney at German May.

For years, Quinton has volunteered in area prisons, mentoring young men returning to Kansas City. He also works frequently in inner city schools and organizations, such as Operation Breakthrough, and De LaSalle Academy.

On City Council, Quinton chairs the Housing Committee and serves on the Neighborhoods and Public Safety, Planning, Zoning and Economic Development, Transportation and Infrastructure committees.

Understanding local needs from a local perspective, Quinton is running for Mayor to make sure everyone in KC has the opportunity to succeed, no matter their zip code.

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