Affordable Housing - September Update

There has been more attention paid to affordable housing this year than any in recent memory. I wanted to update you on this and on the work I am doing, because this is one of the most important issues facing our city. Beyond that, this issue is personal to me.

As a child, my sisters and I moved often – even living in a motel room for a while, because my mother did not have other options she could afford. I believe that it is incumbent upon us all to not let another Kansas City child have that experience.

A child with consistent housing does better in school, and that’s the foundation a child needs for a good life. Affordable housing leads to adults and children with better physical and mental health. They’re better students, better workers, and stronger citizens.  Affordable homes can attract and retain employees, making us even more appealing to businesses that want to expand or re-locate to Kansas City.  

My mother and I when I was a child. Effective Affordable Housing policies can help prevent more KC children from experiencing homelessness.

My mother and I when I was a child. Effective Affordable Housing policies can help prevent more KC children from experiencing homelessness.

But I'm not just leading the discussion on affordable housing in KC - I'm taking action now.

The Affordable Housing Plan for Kansas City

Our current Affordable Housing Plan has four important points:  

  1. No longer will $2,000 be considered “affordable housing” in Kansas City. I’ve cut that number by more than half.  

  2. It’s time city government lend a hand towards progress. Permits from the city will be on a less-than-60 day timeline.  

  3. Affordable housing near public transportation lines will receive additional incentives – so we can fight emissions and promote inclusive communities development.  

  4. Establish the Housing Trust Fund. This will bring millions of dollars to see that initiatives are brought forward and completed.

This is a ground up approach. I have met with local leaders, and talked to citizens in communities across the city. We have knowledge and we have energy. Now is the time to move forward.

I don't want this issue to be lost in the noise, because this isn't just a talking point for me. This is important, and this is personal. Let's take action, and let's do it now - for our children, for our neighborhood, for our city. 

That is why I've made proposals, instead of just submitting talking points.

I'm from the community, and I'm for the community. Know that I will keep working hard each day for you, and will be in touch again soon.

If you would like, any support you can give is appreciated. You can follow my day to day work on Facebook and Twitter. I hope to see you at a community event soon.


If you would like to contribute, you can do so online here.  You also can send a check to Lucas For KC, PO Box 143054, Kansas City, Missouri 64108.

[originally shared September 21st, 2018]