Economic and Racial Justice

“I am from this community. I have struggled in this community.  And I know Kansas City will reach its full potential if momentum and progress are shared throughout our City. That’s why I’ve proposed a sweeping set of reforms to address inequality, often on racial and socioeconomic lines, we see too often in Kansas City.” - Quinton Lucas

Justice Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas

Municipal Criminal Justice Reform

  • Eliminate jail time for the majority of municipal offenses

  • Offer a KCMO Municipal ID Card which will provide residents identification regardless of immigration status

  • Decriminalize mental health and addiction by creating and fully funding alternatives to incarceration for those suffering from dependency and addiction

  • Pardon all stand-alone municipal marijuana convictions


Economic Development for our Neighborhoods

  • Create a liaison at City Hall and the EDC to support minority and women entrepreneurs

  • Support a living wage for all Kansas Citians, including city outsourced contractors

  • Promote minority and women-owned small businesses to build community wealth

  • Tie incentives to new jobs at small and start-up businesses in Kansas City

Quinton Lucas KC Mayor Healthcare Mental Health

Healthcare in the Community

  • Increase spending for mental health and treatment services in Kansas City

  • Support active and healthy living by funding recreation and physical activity opportunities in all zip codes of the City

  • Fund programs supporting individuals, particularly children, affected by violence at home and in their neighborhoods

  • Lower barriers around and increase access to testing for HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases

  • Attract grocers, growers, and vendors offering healthy food items to all parts of the City

Quinton Lucas KC Mayor Neighborhoods Affordable Housing
KC Tenants Rights Mayor of KC

Housing and Access in all Kansas City Neighborhoods

  • Build pathways from renting to home ownership to create wealth and community investment

  • Invest in better bus routes and transportation options to create greater freedom of opportunity for families throughout the City

  • Implement the Housing Trust Fund, through using developer fees,to create and support more living opportunities for those experiencing homelessness and at lower income levels


Tenant’s Rights

  • Provide consistent funding to Legal Aid and tenants rights organizations

  • Establish an emergency relief program for tenants who are having trouble paying rent, utilities, or a mortgage.

  • Establish a liaison at City Hall to support tenants and connect tenants to resources.

  • Collaborate with community organizations and stakeholders to develop a Tenants Bill of Rights.

Quinton Lucas for Mayor Education and Pre K

Educating Kansas Citians of All Ages

  • Work with local school districts and educators to build community-wide support for early childhood education, particularly for our City’s poorest children (Pre-K the Right Way)

  • Provide literacy and English language learning services for Kansas Citians of all ages

  • Prevent the diversion of youth into the criminal justice system by reducing arrests for low-level misdemeanors