Police, Teachers & Firefighters Support Q


 “It’s Lucas who is more apt to accomplish any item on the difficult change agenda they both talk about. And that’s why Lucas has earned The Star’s endorsement ahead of Tuesday’s election….He has already demonstrated that he can count to seven — an essential skill on the 13-member City Council. He has led his council colleagues and successfully built majority coalitions on desperately needed incentive reform and housing initiatives.”

- The Kansas City Star Editorial Board


Police Endorsement

Quinton is from this community and for this community. He listens to our officers, is the only candidate to build relationships with officers through KCPD ride-alongs, and recognizes that nothing is more important than the safety of our community,” - Kansas City Fraternal Order of Police President, Brad Lemon



We are proud to endorse Quinton because he has shown time and again that he supports our firefighters and will stand up for public safety in our community…. He has consistently shown the leadership that will be required of our next Mayor as we take on big issues over the next four years and work to ensure safety for all.”
- President of the International Association of Fire Fighters Local 42



“I will work with local school districts and educators to build community-wide support for early childhood education, particularly for our City’s poorest children (Pre-K the Right Way)”

- Quinton Lucas on the American Federation of Teachers Endorsement


Community Leader Endorsements


Alissia Canady

“I ask those that have supported me…. to work with me as I work with Quinton to accomplish the things that we set out to do — to grow Kansas City together.” - Alissia Canady, 5th District


Katheryn Shields

“I have represented Midtown for nearly three decades, and I am endorsing Quinton because I know he will preserve our historic neighborhoods, fix our streets and sidewalks, and build progress in every part of our city," she said in the release. "Quinton Lucas has the energy, the focus and the determination that our city needs to embrace the future.” - Katheryn Shields, 4th District at-large


Phil Glynn

“Quinton Lucas is the best choice for Mayor because of his leadership on two of the most important issues facing our city: affordable housing and public safety. I got to know him well during our primary election campaigns, and have been impressed by his consistent, substantive solutions and vision to lead our city forward. I am glad he has maintained a positive campaign throughout this election, and I look forward to casting my vote for him on June 18.” - Phil Glynn, Crossroads Businessman


Teresa Loar

“Since he joined the Council four years ago, I’ve been impressed with his ability to relate to people from all walks of life, which will be a crucial skill for our next mayor. I’m endorsing him because he is committed to continuing the progress we have seen and to sharing that progress with citizens from every neighborhood, while improving our basic services in all parts of our city.” - Teresa Loar, 2nd District at-large