Our Local Issues

Kansas City is a better place to live and work than it was a generation ago. But there’s still a lot of work to do. Quinton knows the changemakers and understands the uniqueness of every neighborhood on a personal level. He approaches local issues from a local perspective. He’s from the city, he's part of the city, and he’s for the city.

Affordable housing

Ensuring every family has a good-paying job as well as a home where they can safely raise a family on a budget is a top priority.

A child with consistent housing does better in school. Affordable homes can attract and retain employees, making Kansas City even more appealing to businesses that want to expand or relocate to the area.

That’s why Quinton works with developers and civic leaders to put incentives in place to produce homes that every Kansas Citian has a chance to call home.

As Mayor, Quinton will take a grounds up approach to creating affordable housing by engaging the community because he knows that leaders at City Hall can’t make good decisions if they don’t what is really happening in our neighborhoods.

Quinton will prioritize additional incentives for affordable housing near bus lines and transportation hubs. He will also support the creation of a Housing Trust Fund which will bring in millions of dollars to see that housing initiatives are brought forward and completed.

Reducing Crime

Quinton brings together the community, law enforcement, and civic leaders to strengthen ties and open the lines of communication that make our neighborhoods safer.

As Mayor, Quinton will make sure that our law enforcement officers have the resources to do their jobs effectively and will prioritize a diverse and well-trained police force.

For too long City Hall has struggled to create a plan to stop violent crime. as mayor, Quinton will develop a coherent plan to address violent crime by coordinating with law enforcement and neighborhood leaders.

City Hall needs to review ordinance violations—As Mayor, Quinton will work to reform municipal incarceration and make sure violations are focused on protecting the public from criminal activity.

Quinton will also address our vacant buildings—rejuvenating or removing abandoned buildings can eliminate the space where crime begins.


You shouldn’t have to have a full-time job at City Hall to understand what your local government is doing. That is why Quinton is committed to maintaining a government that prioritizes transparency and accountability.

Quinton knows the value of public engagement and civic participation—that’s why, as Mayor, he is determined to increase communication between citizens and public officials. Strong lines of communication between the Kansas Citians and City Hall will create a more efficient and responsive government.

Quinton has a track record of building consensus on the council to pass legislation and he will continue to do so as Mayor.

We want flexibility, but we also want to know what we are binding the city to, potentially for years to come.

developing our city

In times of economic growth, it becomes increasingly important to be strategic about how taxpayer dollars are invested so we can capitalize on opportunities. As Mayor, Quinton will be committed to making sure that every Kansas Citian benefits from Kansas City’s momentum, no matter where they live.

Quinton will take a future-oriented approach to improving transportation and infrastructure and connecting people to businesses and entertainment.