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About Quinton Lucas

Quinton grew up in Kansas City’s urban core. Raised by a single mother and two

older sisters, he learned from an early age the values of hard work, education,

and perseverance in building a stable and successful life for himself and his

family. Despite experiencing homelessness as a child and moving frequently,

Quinton worked to obtain academic scholarships to high school, college, and

ultimately law school at Cornell University.

After graduating from Cornell, Quinton turned down job offers at large law firms in

New York City and Washington, DC to return home to Kansas City where he

practiced law and taught in area prisons. At age 28, Quinton earned a

professorship at the University of Kansas, making him one of the youngest

tenure-track law professors in the United States. An accomplished business

lawyer and teacher, Quinton also volunteers extensively in the community with

schools and organizations. Because he never met his own father, Quinton

regularly mentors young men and women in some of the neighborhoods in which

he grew up to ensure young people recognize their potential.

Elected citywide in 2015, Quinton has been a leading voice on the City Council,

working with local businesses to drive private investment and grow jobs in our

city, particularly in economically distressed areas, championing efforts to ensure

quality housing opportunities exist in all Kansas City neighborhoods, leading a

once-in-a-generation reform of the City’s tax incentive policy to return public

dollars to our schools and libraries in every part of Kansas City, and working

each day to ensure the city delivers the basic services taxpayers expect,

provides competitive wages to all our municipal employees, and operates in a

fair, equitable, and transparent manner.

He knows our region will only grow stronger with leaders who maintain our

momentum, have experience and interest in creating positive policies and

collaboration at City Hall, have demonstrated an ability to work with citizens in all

parts of the city, and who recognize that Kansas City will only be at its best if we

look to build better opportunities in all Kansas City neighborhoods.