Why I'm Running


"There are a lot of people who run to be something, you have to be in this to do something.”  That adage is not unique, but it sums why I am running today.  

Since my first election, I have worked my heart out to do something for and in our community, particularly in the poorest areas, every day.  

That’s why in my first year in office, I met with leaders from every one of the school districts that touch this city, from Smithville to Belton, to talk about how tax breaks to developers affect their ability to educate our children, to provide activities to them and their families, and to make sure kids who won’t get breakfast can get breakfast each day or an afternoon snack.

That’s why early on in my term, I stood with our public safety folks in the police and fire departments to ensure their compensation was competitive, not just with other public safety workers in our area, but nationally, to ensure that they invested in Kansas City long-term and to ensure we were investing in them and their families long term.

I “do” this because that impact got me to where I am today.  I was born at Truman Medical Center to a young mother with three children who was working each day just to figure out how to feed her children, how to get to work, how to build a better life; a safe life for her children.

So, if you give me a chance, I’ll give you a choice.  A choice that has struggled in this community, that has persevered in this community, that loves this community… not as a stepping-stone, but as the core of who I am.  

I’ll give you a choice that won’t just use the rhetoric of uniting or reviving a community, but has led this Council on issues ranging from minimum wage to tax incentives to housing to how to build transparency and accountability at City Hall.

I’ll give you a choice who knows first-hand the challenges our neighborhoods face to keep up our quality of life and has spent time in each part of the city.  

And I’ll give you a choice that is 100% about Kansas City in everything that I have done and that I’ll do.

Baby Quinton Lucas future Mayor of Kansas City
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